A loop schedule for Story of the World Volume 1

Including activities and extra reading & lots of videos! Perfect for kids who prefer visual/auditory or hands-on learning.

I designed this schedule with a 3rd grader in mind. Divide the following activities into the total amount of days you want to spend on it. If you need a refresher on some history topics, I’ve also added some more advanced documentaries geared towards adults which are marked with an asterisk (*). We’ve done this history cycle before, so most of the things below are “tried and tested”. I’ve included only things we’ve actually enjoyed! ūüôā I’ve started off our schedule with a lot of extra resources for prehistory and the earliest people because we like to go more in depth with that than SOTW does. I’ve split up our loop schedule into approx. 90 sessions. You can choose to do more or less than this. We like to do both Ancient Times and Middle Ages in 3rd grade, so by condensing it into 90 sessions I can get both done if we do history every weekday.

Core Resources:
Evan Moor History Pockets Grade 1-3
Story of the World Volume 1 Ancient Times book
Story of the World Volume 1 Activity Book (for mapping pages and optional extras)
Usborne Encyclopedia of World History  (UEWH)

You might also want to create or use a timeline of some kind. I’ve tested out quite a few of what’s available out there, and what I ended up deciding on are these amazing¬†FREE timeline figures combined with a DIY timeline. I will be creating my own printable timeline templates which I will post on this blog when they are done.

Optional longer read aloud’s to fit in alongside:
Magic Treehouse series (both fiction and non-fiction “fact checker” books). We prefer to do these in order of the series, so they don’t fit in with our chronological study of history and I haven’t added them to our loop schedule. Instead of doing them during history we just do these on their own during morning basket time.

Read: SOTW p. 1-6 How do we know what happened?

Read: UEWH (Usborne Encyclopedia of World History) the entire prehistory section

Watch: “Walking with Monsters” Episode 1 (Netflix)

Watch: “Walking with Monsters” Episode 2¬†(Netflix)

Watch: “Walking with Monsters” Episode 3¬†(Netflix)

Watch: “Walking with Dinosaurs” Episode 1 (Netflix)

Watch: “Walking with Dinosaurs” Episode 2¬†(Netflix)

Watch: “Walking with Dinosaurs” Episode 3¬†(Netflix)

Watch: “Walking with Dinosaurs” Episode 4¬†(Netflix)

Watch: “Walking with Dinosaurs” Episode 5¬†(Netflix)

Watch: “Walking with Dinosaurs” Episode 6¬†(Netflix)

Read: “Archaeologists Dig for Clues” by Kate Duke

Read: “What’s Older Than a Giant Tortoise?” by Robert E. Wells
Watch: “Magic School Bus Shows and Tells” Season 6 Episode 3 (Netflix)

Do: Make a timeline of the child’s life
or Make: Your Own Family Tree
Watch: “Time Warp Trio Caveman Catastrophe

Read: SOTW p.7-13 Chapter 1 Earliest People
Do: Map Work Student Page 4
Read: “The Best Book of Early People” by Margaret Hynes
*Watch: “Ice World” Docudrama from the Discovery Channel

Read:UEWH p.92-93 The First Modern People
Read:UEWH p.94-95 New Worlds

Read:UEWH p.96-97 The Mammoth Hunters
Read:UEWH p. 100-101 From Hunting to Farming

Read:UEWH p. 104-105 Looking at the Ancient World
Read:UEWH p.108-109 The First Farmers, The First Towns.

Read: “The First Dog” by Jan Brett
Watch: “Before We Ruled the Earth” Documentary

Read: “Adventures in the Ice Age” by Linda Bailey

Read: “Mammoths on the Move” by Lisa Wheeler

Read: “Discovery in the Cave” by Mark Dubowski and take a virtual tour of the cave online.

Read: “A Street through Time” by Dr. Anne Millard

Read: SOTW Chapter 2: Egyptians Lived on the Nile River
Do: Map Work Student Page 6
Read: “Adventures in Ancient Egypt” by Linda Bailey
Read: UEWH p.114-115 Farmers on the Nile Valley
Do: History Pocket Ancient Egypt

Read: “Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile” by Tomie de Paola
Make: Cookie Map of Ancient Egypt

Read SOTW Chapter 3: The First Writing
Do: Map student page 8
Read: UEWH: p. 110-111 The First Civilization
Read: “Seeker of Knowledge” by James Rumford
Make: Hieroglyphic Scroll, you can use this stamp set “Fun With Hieroglyphics
Watch “Decoding the Rosetta Stone” YouTube
*Watch: “Engineering an Empire” YouTube

Watch: “Mesopotamia – The development of written language” YouTube
Watch: “Mesopotamia from nomads to farmers” YouTube
Make: Cuneiform Cookies (*favourite* activity!!)

Read: SOTW Chapter 4: Old Kingdom of Egypt
Do: Map student page 11
Read: UEWH: p.116-117 Mummies and Pyramids
Read: “The 5,000 Year old puzzle: Solving the Mystery of Ancient Egypt” by Claudia Logan
Do: Lift the Lid on Mummies craft kit

Read: “Temple Cat” by Andrew Clements
*Watch: “Great Pyramid Mystery Solved? National Geographic” YouTube
Watch: “The Story of One – Documentary” (favourite!)
Make: Cartouche Craft

Read: SOTW Chapter 5: The First Sumerian Dictator
Do: Map student page 13
Read: UEWH: p. 113 Kings and War
Do: History Pockets Mesopotamia

Read: SOTW Chapter 6: The Jewish People; God Speaks to Abraham, Joseph Goes to Egypt
Do: Map student page 16
Read: UEWH: p. 142-143 The Hebrew Kingdoms
Read: “Joseph” by Brian Wildsmith
*Watch: “Strong evidence for Joseph’s Tomb and Palace in Egypt” YouTube
Watch: exerpt from musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” YouTube
Watch: “Joseph” in claymation on YouTube

Watch: “Prince of Egypt” (Netflix)

Read: SOTW Chapter 7: Hammurabi and the Babylonians
Do: Map Student Page 23
Read: UEWH: p.132 Empire of Hammurabi
Read:¬†“If Kids Ruled the World” by Linda Bailey
Make: Ancient Babylon Art Lesson

Watch: “Turning Points in History: Hammurabi’s Code of Laws” c. 3 mins
Make: A Law Stele craft

Read: SOTW Chapter 8: The Assyrians, The Story of Gilgamesh
Do: Map student page 26
UEWH: p.146-149 Assyrians at War; Assyrians at Home.
Watch: Epic of Gilgamesh for kids

Read: SOTW Chapter 9 The First Cities of India
Do: Map student page 28
Read: UEWH: p.188-119 Cities of the Indus Valley
Read: “Once a Mouse: A Fable Cut in Wood” by Marcia Brown
Watch: “Mohenjo Daro” for kids

Watch: “The Jungle Book” movie

Read: SOTW Chapter 10 The Far East
Do: Map student page 31
Read: UEWH: p.164-165 The People of Early China
Read: “Adventures in Ancient China” by Linda Bailey

Read: “Ms. Frizzle’s Adventures: Imperial China” by Joanna Cole
Watch: “How it’s Made: Silk”

Watch: “The Karate Kid” movie
Make: A bamboo scroll out of craft sticks sewn together with yarn, use Chinese characters.

Read: SOTW Chapter 11 Ancient Africa
Read: UEWH: p. 172-173 Life in Ancient Africa
Do: Map Student Page 33
Read: “Rhinos for Lunch and Elephants for Supper!” by Tololwa Mollel
Read: “The Baobab Tree” by Louie Stowell
Watch: “Arit’s Fables: Anansi & the Turtle
Watch: “Anansi and the Pot of Beans

Read: SOTW Chapter 12 The Middle Kingdom of Egypt
Do: Student Page 36
Read: UEWH p. 116-117 Mummies and Pyramids
Watch: “Horrible Histories Egyptian 2000
Watch: “Horrible Histories the Pharoah Report
Watch: “Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians Heb Sed Festival
Watch: Music of Ancient Egypt
Make: Golden Bracelet Craft

Read: SOTW Chapter 13: The New Kingdom of Egypt
Do: Map student page 37
Read: UEWH p.134-139 Egyptian Empire
Read: “How the Sphinx Got to the Museum” by Jessie Hartland

Make: Apple Mummies
Read: “Tutankhamen’s Gift” by Robert Sabuda
Watch: “Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Read: SOTW Chapter 14: The Israelites Leave Egypt
Do: Map student page 39
Read: UEWH: p. 142 The Hebrew Kingdoms
Read: “The Moses Basket” by Jenny Koralek
Read: “Exodus” Brian Wordsmith
*Watch: “Israel in Ancient Egypt – Archaeological Proof

Watch: “The Ten Commandments” Animated Movie
Make: Build a Tabernacle kit

Read: SOTW Chapter 15: The Phoenicians
Do: Map student page 45
Read: UEWH: p.140-141 The People of Canaan; Raiders of the Mediterranean
Read: UEWH: p. 144-145 Traders from Phoenicia
Watch: “Once Upon a Time: The Explorers
Make: Purple Dye Project

Read: SOTW Chapter 16 The Return of Assyria
Do: Map student page 47
UEWH: p. 146-149 Assyrians at War; Assyrians at Home.

Read: SOTW Chapter 17 Babylon Takes Over Again!
Do: Map student page 49
UEWH: p. 150-151 City of Babylon
Read: “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” by Micheal Woods
Watch: “Time Warp Trio The Seven Blunders of the Ancient World
Watch: “Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Watch: “Seven Wonders of the World BBC

Read: SOTW Chapter 18 Life in Early Crete
Do: Map student page 51
Read: UEWH: p. 124-127 Palaces and Legends
Read: “The Hero and the Minotaur” by Robert Byrd

Read: SOTW Chapter 19 The Early Greeks
Do: Map student page 54
Read: “Aesop’s Fables” by Don Daily
Do: History Pockets Ancient Greece
Watch: Ted-Ed “The Origins of the Greek Olympics
Watch: “Time Warp Trio My Big Fat Greek Olympics

Read: SOTW Chapter 20 Greek Gets Civilized Again
Do: Map student page 57
Read: UEWH p. 156-157
Read: “The Trojan Horse” by Emily Little
Watch: “Horrible Histories Battle of Marathon

Read: SOTW Chapter 21 The Medes and the Persians
Do: Map student page 60
Read: UEWH p. 152-153
Watch: “King Midas and the Golden Touch” Cartoon
Read: “The Librarian Who Measured the Earth” by Kathryn Lasky

Read: SOTW Chapter 22 Sparta and Athens
Do: Map student page
Read: UEWH p. 158-159
Read:”Agency Adventures in Ancient Greece” by Linda Bailey
Watch: “Horrible Histories Groovy Greeks – Diogenes Life in a Barrel

Read: SOTW Chapter 23 The Greek Gods
Do: Map student page 69
Make: A Laurel Wreath Headband
Watch: “Mythic Warriors” cartoons on YouTube

Read: SOTW Chapter 24 The Wars of the Greeks
Do: Map student page 73
Read: UEWH p. 154-155
Watch: “Persephone: A Story from Greece” (claymation)
Watch: “Arachne” cartoon

Read: SOTW Chapter 25 Alexander the Great
Do: Map student page 76
Read: UEWH p.160-161
Read: “Alexander the Great” by Demi
Read: “Alexander the Great” by Penny Worms
Watch: “World Ahoy Animation: Alexander the Great

Read: SOTW Chapter 26 The People of the Americas
Read: UEWH p.176-181
Do: History Pockets Ancient Aztec World
Do: Map student page 82
Watch: “Time Warp Trio – Me Oh Maya

Read: SOTW Chapter 27 The Rise of Rome
Read: UEWH p.184
Do: Map student page 84
Do: History Pockets Ancient Rome
Watch: “Roman City by David Macaulay” PBS

Read: SOTW Chapter 28 The Roman Empire
Read: UEWH p.188-191
Do: Map student page 86
*Watch: “Engineering an Empire: Rome

Read: SOTW Chapter 29 Rome’s War with Carthage
Read: UEWH p.185-187
Do: Map student page 89
Watch: “Drive Thru History: Rome if You want to, Carthage and Phoenicians
*Watch: “Engineering an Empire: Carthage
*Watch: “The Rise and Fall of Carthage” (highly recommend!)

Read: SOTW Chapter 30 The Aryans of India
Read: UEWH p.174
Do: Map student page 93
Read: “One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale” by Demi
Watch: “The Elephant’s Friend” by Marcia Williams
Watch: “Indus Valley Civilization – Mocomi Kids Animation
Watch: “Time Warp Trio – Dude, Where’s my Karma

Read: SOTW Chapter 31 The Mauryan Empire of India
Read: UEWH p.175
Do: Map student page 95
Watch: “The Untouchables Kids of India
Watch: “Ancient India’s Contributions to the World
Watch: “The Story of India” BBC Documentary

Read: SOTW Chapter 32 China
Read: UEWH p.166-167
Do: Map student page 97
Read/Do: ¬†“All About China: Stories, Songs, Crafts for Kids
Read: “Welcome to China!” by Caryn Jenner
Do: History Pockets Ancient China

Watch: “History of the Great Wall of China for Kids – FreeSchool
Read: “Hidden Army: Clay Soldiers of Ancient China” by Jane O’Connor

Read: “The Great Wall” by Elizabeth Mann
Make: Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting

Make: Blue Willow Plates
Read: “The Empty Pot” by Demi

Make: Chinese Brush Art Lesson
Read: “The Boy Who Painted Dragons” Demi

Make: Build a Great Wall of China
Read: “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Demi

Read: SOTW Chapter 33 Confucius
Read: UEWH p.165
Do: Map student page 97 (again)
Read: UEWH p. 170
Make: Kimono Paper Dolls
Read: “Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories

Read: SOTW Chapter 34 The Rise of Julius Caesar
Read: UEWH p.185
Do: Map student page 101
Make: Roman Catapult Craft
Watch: “Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods” (Netflix or DVD)

Read: SOTW Chapter 35 Caesar the Hero
Read: UEWH p.182-183, 185
Do: Map student page 103
Read: “Cleopatra” by Diane Stanley
Watch: “Asterix and Cleopatra” cartoon
Make: Mosaic Craft Kit or this Mosaic Craft Kit with mess-free sand stickers

Read: SOTW Chapter 36 The First Roman Prince
Read: UEWH p.185-191
Do: Map student page 105
Watch: “A Day in the Life… a 10 yr old in Roman Britain BBC
Read: “Roman Diary” by Richard Platt (this one might take a few days)
Read: “The Story of Clocks and Calendars” by Betsy Maestro

Read: SOTW Chapter 37 The Beginning of Christianity
Read: UEWH p.192-193
Do: Map student page 107
Read: “The Lion Storyteller Book of Parables
Read: “The Very First Easter
Do: Choose an activity from “Old Testament Days: An Activity Guide

Read: SOTW Chapter 38 The End of the Ancient Jewish Nation
Do: Map student page 110
Watch: “Drive Thru History: Rome if You Want to – The Arch of Titus

Read: SOTW Chapter 39 Rome and the Christians
Read: UEWH p.192-193
Do: Map student page 113
Read: “Pompeii: Buried Alive!” by Edith Kunhardt Davis
Watch: “Drive Thru History: Rome if you want to – The Pantheon
Watch: “Drive Thru History: Rome if you want to – Nero Persecutes the Christians

Read: SOTW Chapter 40 Rome Begins to Weaken
Read: UEWH p.194
Do: Map student page 115
Read: “Rome in Spectacular Cross Section” by Andrew Solway
Watch: “Drive Thru History: Rome if you want to – Circus Maximus
Make: A Roman Wax Tablet

Read: SOTW Chapter 41 The Attacking Barbarians
Do: Map student page 117
Read: “The Story of Rome” by Rosie Dickens
Watch: “Ancient Civilizations for Kids: Rome

Read: SOTW Chapter 42 The End of Rome
Do: Map student page 119
Read: UEWH p.195Read: “Madeleine and the Cats of Rome” by¬†John Bemelmans Marciano¬†
Read: “Celtic Fairy Tales
Watch: “Travel with Kids – Rome


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